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We fix all types of hardware and software issues with Laptops, Desktops, Notebooks and Netbooks.  Our collect and deliver service is available at £14.99.

Crashing or freezing computers:
Computers can CRASH or FREEZE due to a number of reasons. It may happen due to conflicting software or hardware, overheating, failing components or viruses.  At PC & LAPTOP REPAIR CENTER we have the expertise and equipment to diagnose for free of cost, the true cause of the problem and fix it.

Laptop screen replacement:
Broken laptop screens are one of the most common repairs we do.  We source quality replacement screens.

Dead or Non Starting laptops:
The main cause of non-starting laptops are due to power issues.  We can pinpoint the source of failure and remedy the error.

Power connector replacement DC SOCKET:
A common point of breakage on a laptop is at the power connector.  It may become loose or the pin make break off. We can replace and repair all types of power connectors and get your laptop back working again.

Data Retrieval:
Data is priceless.  Computers can be replaced but data cannot.  Whether it’s family photographs or company files, we can retrieve your data.

Data Backup:
Unfortunately most people do not take data backup seriously until they experience data loss of some sort.  We offer online data backup services that ensure that your data is 100% safe.

Laptop Upgrades:
We can upgrade your laptop to improve performance.  It is a cheaper alternative that buying a new laptop.

Laptop wireless repair:
We can replace laptop wireless cards to restore network connectivity.

Virus Removal:
Once a computer is infected with a virus an antivirus application can often fail at removing it.  We utilise state of the art software and techniques to remove viruses without damage to important files.

Spyware Removal:
Spyware is a rampant problem for internet users.  The vast majority of computers we fix have some sort of spyware on it. We can remove all types of spyware leaving your computer clean and your data safe.

Antivirus Software Installation:
We install antivirus software on computers.  Antivirus software protect your computer from a  multitude of threats.  The software we use is tried and tested.

CD & DVD writer problems:
When optical drives fail we can either fix or replace the drive.

Touchpad repair:
A faulty or broken touchpad can leave a laptop in an unusable state.  Whether it’s a software issue such as drivers or hardware issue such as a failed component, we can med your laptop touchpad.

Laptop keyboard repair:
We can fix individual keys on laptop keyboards or replace the entire keyboard for you.  The most common reason for keyboard replacement is due to spilt liquid.

Liquid Damage:
Water and electronics are a bad combination. That being said we have an excellent success rate at restoring laptops following liquid damage.




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