Broken Laptop screen replacement

Broken LCD Screen Replacement Service

If your laptop or notebook is experiencing any of the following laptop LCD/Screen problems: LCD Replacement

  • Laptop LCD is cracked, or laptop LCD is damaged in some way.
  • Laptop screen is dark or the laptop monitor is black on start up.
  • Laptop screen image is distorted.
  • Laptop LCD has lines running through it.
  • Laptop has a blank screen even though laptop is running.
  • Laptop screen starts up, and then goes blank.
  • Laptop screen comes up, but LCD is dim.
  • Laptop LCD backlight is not working.

You may need to replace the laptop inverter, laptop back light, LCD Screen Cable/Ribbon or laptop LCD Screen.

That is why here at PC & Laptop Repair Center we offer a FREE DIAGNOSIS service at no fix no fee basis for all our walk in customers and £14.99 for all nationwide customers including collection & Delivery. In 99.9% of cases we are able to replace the LCD of a Laptop.