DC Power Socket

DC Socket / Laptop Charging Port Replacement

If your Laptops DC power jack/Charging Port is having an irregular connection or not working at all anymore, don’t throw away your Laptop. Do not order a new motherboard for a lot of £££ either. Our DC Socket / Laptop Charging Port Replacement service can restore your Laptop, Notebook or Tablet PC back to proper functionality for a fraction of the price!

Some symptoms of a loose or bad DC power jack are:DC Socket Replacement

  • No power – will not turn on (dead), although the Laptop will still work if the battery is charged
  • Unit randomly switching from AC Charging to battery power and back to AC Charging.
  • Burning smell and / or smoke coming from the DC jack area
  • Irregular battery charging problems
  • Flashing light on Laptop Charger.

One of the most common problems we see in laptops is a loose or broken power jack. Most laptop repair companies will try to sell you a new motherboard or a new laptop if you have this problem. A broken power jack does not mean your laptop is ready for replacement. PC & Laptop Repair Center provides a cost effective power jack repair service that can easily bring your laptop back to full use again.

We can replace and re-solder your power jack so it will work like new. Our DC Socket / Laptop Charging Port Replacement service starts from £70 and comes with 90 Days RTB (Return to Base) Warranty. Do not forget we also offer nationwide Collection and Return service from only £14.99.